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Event Date
FREE PROGRAM: December 2015 Resident Seminar Presentations 12/16/2015
Developing a Hypertension Medication Therapy Services Protocol 12/12/2015
FREE PROGRAM: November 2015 Resident Seminar Presentations 11/06/2015
FREE PROGRAM: October 2015 Resident Seminar Presentations 10/13/2015

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Other Events of Interest

St. Louis College of Pharmacy is proud to offer a free review session for individuals preparing to take the Pharmacotherapy or Ambulatory Care Specialty Certification Exams with the Board of Pharmacy Specialties this fall. Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting August 4, participants are invited to come to campus for study groups on a wide variety of exam topics. For a schedule of the various sessions and to register, please contact Erin Manott: Erin.Manott@stlcop.edu.